Bell-Coffin-Gerry Committee

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Emily Barron
Profession: Architect
Amanda Maniaci
Marblehead School Business Manager
Robert Schaeffner
Jackie Belf-Becker
Chair: Marblehead Board of Selectmen
Catherine Martin
Profession: Landscape Architect
Aimee Sheppard
Bell 2nd Grade Teacher
Benjamin Berman
Chair: Marblehead Finance Committee
Richard Matthews
Marblehead Schools Facilities Director
Cindy Schieffer
Profession: Freelance Social Media Manager
Eileen D'Amour
Coffin/Gerry Music Teacher
John McGinn
Marblehead Town Administrator
Ben Szalewicz
Profession: AVP for Capital Planning & Facilities Management
Sarah Fox
Profession: Interior Design & Bell Parent
Maryann Perry
Marblehead Schools Superintendent
Ralph Wallace
Vice Chair
Profession: Director of Facilities Program Controls
David Harris
Chairperson & Marblehead School Committee member
Jeremy Pollender,
Profession: Account Executive
Erik Weibust
Profession: Lawyer
Kenneth Lord
Marblehead School Executive Director of Technology & Operations
Elizabeth Rudzinski
Coffin School Special Ed Teacher
Donna Zaeske
Bell School Principal
Kelly Lyons
HRIS Manger & Bell parent
Sean Satterfield
Coffin & Gerry Schools Principal
James Zisson
Profession: Mechanical Engineer